miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

Making the difference?

Can a person make the difference when talking about important matters such as political, social or economical issues in society?  Well, it depends on who, when, what, where and how, this can become true or completely absurd.
There are many dream sellers who convince people of making the difference in the world, or in other cases making the difference in their own lives (for instance, religious groups). In some occasions they are part of good intentioned associations, in other cases, they are big cheaters…
The biggest difference I think it can be really achieved is in us, in the way we see life, and from there on everything else can become better for us and for our environment. Greater differences all around the world could happen or not and that shouldn’t be the point of discussion.   If we allowed a world change claim to be our lives rule that would be the beginning of a great frustration that could end making the opposite effect we had been looking for.
If we were all lovers of intelligence, sensitiveness, music, history, nature and so on we wouldn’t make any more wars, killings and so many other pains all around the world. If we were more human, the difference wouldn’t be needed. How can we follow this ideal? First of all, we should change our point of view to try to be happier; that could trigger many good things in the rest of the people who surround us. A useful warning from my point of view would be not wasting much energy in changing the world, love the world the way it is and try to live peacefully. However, death will win the battle against life, that’s for sure. Life is extremely short to waste it trying to change things that would lead us to deep frustration.
On the other hand, most people always talk about making the change or the difference. But the topic is consumed during a coffee talk; while in real life we play the same game that the system imposes, contributing in this way to increase the gap between the richest people and the poorest. So, instead of thinking about making the difference why don’t we start doing it? Maybe because nobody really wants it to become true. Perhaps we are just fine, and the rhetorical talks are to kill time from time to time.
Composition # 2 - Level 14 - CUI UBA
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