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That Call. McLiam´s Story before publishing "Eureka Street"

The following text is related to the first sustained conversation (phone call which never happened in the real world) between McLiam Wilsom, writer of Eureka Street, and his editor before printing it massively:
Mr. Irish: Hello, good morning
McLiam: Hello Mr. Irish. This is Robert McLiam Wilson
Mr. Irish: I am glad to know you Sir. I suppose that you are calling to tell us about your book.
McLiam: Of course I am, I would be pleased to tell you what it is about, if you wanted me to do it.
Mr. Irish: Please, I couldn’t be more interested.
McLiam:  Well, it tells the story about two Irish friends who are around their thirties. This story happens during The Troubles*. It developes in Belfast City, among people, IRA, URC, INLA, UVF, UFF, UDA, IPLO and other writings on the walls such as FTP (Fuck the Pope), FTQ (Fuck the Queen) etc... hard times, as we all know.
Mr. Irish: Uh-huh. And so?
McLiam: This guys were from different religious believes, one was Catholic and the other one was Protestant.
Mr. Irish: If I read you right, you mean that the Irish friends didn’t share the same faith.
McLiam: Yes, that’s right Sir. Jake, the Catholic one, had studied Political Science at a University in England, he was smart thinking and analyzing situations. On the other hand, Chuckie Lurgan, the Protestant one, had been doing anything useful with his life until his thirty years. Then…
Mr. Irish: Would mind repeating that? I didn’t catch that last part.
McLiam: Of, course. Chuckie, the Protestant, had done any profitable thing in his entire life.
Mr. Irish: Okay. In other words, you are saying that there were not only religious divergences but also attitudinal ones. Is that the point you meant?
McLiam: Sir, you are following me right, step by step. Jake had been engaged with a British woman who left him because she didn’t like living in the middle of bombs, that city of fury. Since that very moment Jake hadn’t been able to restart a serious relationship with a girl. After that episode, he began to quarrel people again and fight them, fists instead of kisses.
Mr. Irish: Could you please explain that in a little more detail? I don’t quite follow what you said.
McLiam: Yes Sir, this young man, Jake, had been taken away by his former girlfriend. Instead of drinking alcohol as many others when left by their women, he started to transfer all that energy, that angry, to fights. Hitting and punching people was the way he felt better…
Mr. Irish: What a pity. But, to put it another way, he is a violent crazy man whose rage was sleeping inside him because of his relationship.  
McLiam: Ok, I don’t know if I have been making myself clear. Perhaps we could have a meeting instead of chatting by phone. Would you mind to make an appointment to meet each other? I am sure that if we saw each other, this would be much easier for me to tell, and for you to listen.
Mr. Irish: Right. I suggest meeting next Monday morning at 8am, at the Starbuck Coffee on Eureka Street. Do you know that one?
McLiam: Oh, yes! In fact, and by the way, that’s the book´s title! What a coincidence!
Mr. Irish: That’s maybe fortuity or destiny. Who knows?! Let me know if I can be of any further help. See you next Monday. Have a nice day.
McLiam: Thanks for your time Mr. Irish, I won´t let you down with this story. Have a nice day you too, and thank you once again.
Not very far from now, you will have news from this writer´s story, behind his book´s story.
The Troubles* (from Wikipedia) was a period of ethno-political conflict in Northern Ireland which spilled over at various times into England, the Republic of Ireland, and mainland Europe. The duration of the Troubles is conventionally dated from the late 1960s and considered by many to have ended with the Belfast "Good Friday" Agreement of 1998. Violence nonetheless continues on a sporadic basis

Note: this post tells a story which is not real. Indeed, it is completely fake.

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  1. Don SOS, me parece interesante la historia... y, me ha hecho sacar las telarañas cerebrales...
    si bien tuve que recurrir en un par de oportunidades al diccionario, Ud. me ha dado una gran sorpresa, recuerdo mas de lo que pensaba este idioma, honestamente crei que casi lo habia olvidado por completo... Gracias!! espero su proximo relato de esta novela...

  2. Que exótico recibir un comentario a esta publicación de Octubre 2010 casi un año después.

    Difícilmente esta novela siga teniendo relatos, dado mi lejanía con la misma, pero podemos incurrir en otros textos.

    Gracias por el comentario! Saludos!