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Should the punishment fit the crime?

Should punishments fit their respective crimes? What does it mean exactly?

For some people there are some types of crimes which should be strongly punished, even with death penalty. Examples of these non-tolerated crimes are murder, rape and kidnapping. Other crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, bribery and smuggler are usually more accepted by society and even more, in some cases those crimes are applauded, maybe because people’s greed is so powerful that the end of having money is eventually more important than the means they use to earn it.

Is the Capital Punishment acceptable? It depends on many things. In first place, it will depend on whether you or your known people have ever been victims of these crimes or if you can analyze it from an objective point of view. How can society feel sane if its own members are condemned to death? It doesn’t matter how awful a person has been, it doesn’t matter how terrible his acts has been. The thing is that our answer as rational beings would have gone to hell. If we accepted death penalties as a current fact of day-by-day life our existence as human beings would have been degraded to a middle age behaviour style. 

Aren’t we a race which main goal is to progress?  Don’t we want better conditions for every citizen over the world? Can we tolerate hunger, poverty and isolation? Why are we more concerned about a killer who has murdered a person than what we are for those politicians whose decisions affect millions of individuals?  Why do we accept the biggest robbery related to frauds, money laundering and embezzlements as if were respectable things? Because it is what most of us do while looking up at those politicians and many other people whose main profits are made by letting people starving, poor and isolated from the society. Eventually those last ones are the aimed ones by society as if they had decided to be “bad guys” by themselves. 

Composition #1 – CUI – Level 14

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  1. Believe it, or not.
    To be (punished) o not to be (punished)